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Top 5 fascinating tourist attractions in Da Nang

Written by Branding VN. Last modified: Mar 12, 2024

Whether you want to explore majestic nature or experience the culinary and cultural scene, Da Nang has enough to satisfy even the most discerning travelers. Be sure to jot down the top 5 must-visit destinations here to capture the most wonderful moments for your upcoming travel adventures!

Ba Na Hills

Located about 25km from the center of Da Nang, Bà Nà Hills is praised by the media with enchanting names like “the green lung of the Central region” and “the climate pearl”. In addition, with the slogan “the road to heavenly scenery”, Bà Nà Hills tourist area is truly a beautiful entertainment destination in Da Nang, as its motto suggests.

The weather here distinctly features all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a single day. From Bà Nà Mountain, visitors can take in the panoramic view of the mountains, forests, and rivers from the plains of Hoa Vang, Son Tra Peninsula to the Han River, and the beautiful city of Da Nang.

Visitors here have the opportunity to participate in many diverse activities: taking cable cars, enjoying thrilling games, mountain climbing, visiting the love flower garden, visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, Bell Tower, and more.

Golden Bridge

Situated in the Bà Nà Hills tourist area and gaining prominence in recent years, the Golden Bridge, also internationally known as the Golden Bridge, stands out as one of the hottest tourist spots in Da Nang for both local and international tourists.

The Golden Bridge boasts a strikingly impressive design with two colossal hands lifting the bridge amidst the sky. It serves not only as a popular check-in spot in Da Nang but also as a venue for fashion events and annual wedding photoshoots for couples.

A visit to the Golden Bridge offers you surreal and impressive moments, enough to capture numerous meaningful memories during your journey to Da Nang.

My Khe Beach

When it comes to traveling to Da Nang, My Khe Beach is undoubtedly a must-visit destination that is well-known among tourists and locals alike. My Khe Beach is one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, ranking among the top tourist spots in Da Nang that you must visit when exploring this vibrant city.

Enjoying leisure time at My Khe Beach, you will be immersed in the clear and warm water, alongside various recreational activities such as beach volleyball, surfing, snorkeling, which are favorite activities of many travelers.

While swimming at My Khe Beach, you can rent floats and chairs for sunbathing on the shore at reasonable prices. Additionally, please pay attention to the lifeguards’ instructions to ensure your safety throughout your trip to Da Nang!

Hoi An Ancient Town

Although not part of Da Nang, when it comes to traveling in Da Nang, you cannot miss Hoi An – the ancient town located just 30km away, easily reachable from Da Nang.

Hoi An Ancient Town is also one of the hottest tourist destinations in Da Nang, especially for young travelers and independent tourists. According to the travel experience of many visitors, you only need to spend a day exploring Hoi An Ancient Town.

It is a place where the culture and history of the Chinese people are preserved, with over 1300 ancient relics including ancient houses, pagodas, wells, and ancestral temples.

Situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An Ancient Town is also where many young travelers take vintage-style photos. Over the years, it has always been the top destination for tourists visiting Da Nang, both domestic and international.

From the center of Da Nang, you can travel by bus, taxi, or coach. Alternatively, the most convenient way is by motorbike along National Highway 1A towards the south to reach Hoi An Ancient Town.

The Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs

The hot mineral springs located within the Than Tai Mountain tourist area are among the hottest tourist spots in Da Nang. The hot mineral springs are an ideal place for relaxation and self-care.

The hot spring park is a complex of hot mineral bathing areas and high-end resort hotel rooms, spas, cafes, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy comfortably.

Here, you will feel the refreshing sensation from the hot mineral springs, rich in beneficial minerals for the skin and body, helping you relax amidst the intense heat of the central region and after long days of work.